Benefits of steel

There are many reasons why steel framing represents a superior building material and has quickly become a smart and feasible alternative to wood frame construction. The unparalleled strength and durability of steel framing produces a strong, long lasting, maintenance free structure offering greater dimensional stability than wood and resistance to warping, fire, termites, mold/mildew and general deterioration from weathering. Consider these additional advantages:



Advantages over wood

Cost Effective
  • Price stability – Little fluctuation in price
  • Virtually no waste – Pre-engineered and cut frame components
  • Reduced labor time and associated costs
  • Steel framing may lower insurance premiums
Easy to Install
  • Patented “Slip Fit” frame connections and erector-set like construction
  • Pre-engineered and cut frame components
  • Generally simpler to erect than wood systems and require s fewer workers to install
Strong, Durable & Lightweight
  • One of the highest strength-to-weight ratios of any construction material
  • Will never rot, wrap, twist, buckle, split, crack, splinter, creep, settle or burn
  • Reduced seismic load and probability of damages from earthquakes or high winds
  • Can be configured to meet high snow, wind and seismic load specifications
  • Easier on-site handling of frame components
Improved Construction Quality & Less Maintenance
  • Consumer perceives steel as superior to wood
  • Manufactured to strict standards of strength and consistency
  • Corrosion resistant, dimensionally stable, and remains straight and true
  • Steel structures do not age or deteriorate like a wood structure
  • Stronger connections – Screws do not loosen over time (vs. nails)
Added Safety & Resistance
  • Fire resistant – Non-combustible steel frame components
  • Impervious to termites, insects, rodents, mold, fungi or other destructive organisms
  • Do not require pesticides or other chemicals used to treat wood framing
  • Lightning protection – well grounded and less likely to be struck or damaged
Design Flexibility / Easy to Modify
  • Multiple frame dimensions for a variety of structures
  • Availability of various tubular steel dimensions and thickness
  • Greater strength for longer floor spans and higher sidewalls
  • Frame components allow for structural expansion or add-ons
Energy Efficient
  • Allows for greater insulation values
  • Does not expand or contract with humidity changes
  • No air leakage caused by expansion cracks as with wood
  • Steel is the most recycled material on Earth and more abundant than wood
  • More than 100 billion pounds recycled annually
  • Little waste and no trees are sacrificed for framing