• Beginner Builder

Builder’s Notes:

  • First time builder with no previous building experience
  • Built a VersaTube garage in just a few days

Beginner Builder

Meet Chris

I’ll be the first to say that I’m not a construction professional, but I still wanted to build my own garage. I own some tools and have helped friends with their projects and to be quite honest, didn’t want to pay someone to do a job that I could do myself.

Well, my garage is finished and it really wasn’t that difficult to build. The VersaTube package made it easy and I sleep a little better knowing my car and motorcycle are now safely locked up at night. However, as nice as the building is, perhaps the best thing about it is the sense of accomplishment that came from doing the project myself – my sweat and hard work made it all possible.

Now that my garage is complete, I can offer some assistance to other DIYers who may question their ability to attempt the job on their own. Read the following tutorials to find out how to build your own garage or outbuilding.

  • Tutorial 1

What You Need to Know about Property Lines

While most people use concrete for the floor and foundation of their building, there are a few other options to consider as well. The following section discusses a few of your other choices and highlights their pros and cons.

  • Tutorial 2

Does Your Garage Need a Building Permit?

In most jurisdictions constructing a garage requires obtaining a building permit. Find out what you need to get one and what inspections you may be required to pass as the project proceeds in the following section.

  • Tutorial 3

Staking Out Your Building

Did you know that where you place your garage can affect the entire yard? Find out what considerations can come into play when choosing a spot in this section that discusses staking out your garage.

  • Tutorial 4

What Type of Foundation is Right for Your Building?

While most people use concrete for the floor and foundation of their building, there are a few other options to consider as well. The following section discusses a few of your other choices and highlights their pros and cons.

  • Tutorial 5

What You Need to Know about Hiring a Concrete Contractor?

Pouring the concrete is the first step in building your garage and whether it’s done properly can play a big part in how the building looks and functions when complete. Read this section to find out how to go about finding a qualified concrete contractor for your project and what paperwork they may need.

  • Tutorial 6

Beginning the Framing of your VersaTube Garage

Once the foundation is complete, you should be ready to begin putting the components of your VersaTube building together. Gathering all the necessary tools and ensuring that the base rails are situated properly can get your project off to a good start.

  • Tutorial 7

Intermediate Framing: Securing the Base Rails and Installing Trusses

Your VersaTube building begins to take shape during the intermediate framing stage as the wall and roof framing members are secured into place. This is also the phase of construction where the advantages of swaging and slip-fit technology become readily apparent as your building almost constructs itself.

  • Tutorial 8

Framing the Front and Rear Walls of your VersaTube Building

Now that the major framing components for the roof and both sides of your VersaTube building are in place, all that remains to finish the perimeter framing is to fill in the front and back. This phase of the project should be quick and easy as it’s very similar to steps you’ve already completed.

  • Tutorial 9

Installing Door and Window Openings in your VersaTube Garage

While your VersaTube garage will be shipped with drawings showing an overhead door or doors at the front of the building, the location of any pedestrian doors or windows you may desire is a jobsite decision. This segment of the tutorial will discuss how to frame the openings and go over a few placement considerations.

  • Tutorial 10

Installing the Purlins and Girts on your VersaTube Garage

Purlins and girts provide lateral structural support for your VersaTube garage and also act as additional anchoring points for the building’s siding and roofing. Depending on your structure’s size, intended usage, and configuration, the purlins and girts included in your kit may be tubular steel or hat channel. This tutorial will discuss both applications.

  • Tutorial 11

Installing the Siding Panels on your VersaTube Garage

The siding panels not only keep inclement weather out of your VersaTube garage, they are also a major contributor to its finished appearance. This tutorial will walk you through the installation process and provide some helpful tips that should ensure you’re proud of the look of the completed structure.

  • Tutorial 12

Installing Roof Panels and Related Trim on your VersaTube Garage

This is the final construction stage in the assembly of your VersaTube garage. In this phase you will install the roof panels, gable trim and ridge cap, and seal the roof system against air and water intrusion. When complete, your garage will be ready to use.