Spring Cleaning? Don’t Know Where to Put All that Stuff? VersaTube has the Answer

Winter is behind us and spring is in the air, and you know what that means—spring cleaning.

After a season of staying indoors, the time has come to drag everything out, dust it all off, and to get ready for the approaching summer festivities. That can mean anything from a picnic or a birthday party to a Saturday of having a few of the guys over to tool around the car engine a bit.

The question is, how are you going to make the space to do it all? The house is full of boxed up holiday ornaments, the car has been collecting wear from snow and rain and soon the sun, and the wife has been saying for months that she wants you to organize your tools and get some of your stuff out of the way. Where are you going to put it all?

The answer is simple—you need a VersaTube steel carport or building. They’re pre-engineered to fit your needs, literally a snap to build, and they provide the storage you need to win back your garage, free up more space in the house, get all of that junk out of the yard, and provide your family with a little extra room for the approaching summer fun.

So far more than 10,000 satisfied customers can attest that VersaTube steel buildings are easy to build and unrivaled in durability. And that’s not all—we provide a 20 warranty on every building we sell, so that you can rest assured knowing that your building will stand for seasons to come.

It’s time to get organized, and with a steel building from VersaTube, you can finally have the storage space to do it. The sooner you get the spring cleaning out of the way, the sooner you’ll be able to move on to another great summer.

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How to Insulate a Steel Building

Steel buildings can be used for a wide variety of things. In some cases, insulation isn’t all that important or necessary. Due to the quality of their construction, steel buildings are incredibly weather proof on their own. If you’re simply putting up a shelter for your garden tools, or if you don’t live in a place with widely varying temperatures, for example, insulation should not be among the foremost of your concerns.

If, on the other hand, you’ll be using your building as a workshop, office, living space, or to house animals, insulation will be important when it comes to saving money on controlling the temperature and keeping the space comfortable and livable.

The two most common methods of steel building insulation involve blow-in foam and fiberglass. The foam can be tricky to work with, and unless you have experience using it, you might be better off hiring a contractor. Fiberglass, however, can be pretty easy to install yourself, and it can be used with or without a drywall interior.

To start off, you’re going to want to buy several rolls of fiberglass to install before you’ve put up drywall. Then follow these simple instructions:

  • Step 1: Measure and cut the fiberglass to fit your wall space.
  • Step 2: Apply double-sided tape to the interior of the metal wall.
  • Step 3: Press the paper side of the fiberglass to the tape. Make sure to allow the fiberglass to sag just a little bit so that it will allow proper airflow.
  • Step 4: Cover fiberglass with sheeting and apply metal strapping to ensure that it will stay in place.
  • Step 5: If you want, finish with drywall.

That’s all there is to it. Depending on the size of your building, you can insulate the entire thing in a single afternoon. While fiberglass is the most common form of insulation, there are also a number of recycled substitutes, such as shredded wool or denim. These are installed in exactly the same manner, although you should treat them with flame retardant and something to prevent mold and mildew growth prior to installation.

And there you have it—a cozy metal building to use as you please. When you combine the weather-tight construction of a steel building with a bit of insulation, you’re guaranteed to save money on heat and stay warm no matter how low the temperature drops.

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Why VersaTube Uses American-Made Steel Only

These days more and more companies are assembling their products overseas using cheap labor and inferior-quality foreign-made parts. We find practices such as these to be shameful. Not only does it mean producing low-quality products, it also hurts the US economy and destroys the American workforce.

At VersaTube, we are dedicated to producing 100% American-made products.

How we do it: It all starts with steel

We make sure that the parts of our buildings are made of only the highest quality, American-made steel. This not only bolsters the steel industry—which has long been one of the cornerstones of the US economy—it also ensures that our customers receive an outstanding final product.

Steel is one of the most recyclable materials on Earth, and America recycles more steel than any other country in the world. In the United States, more steel is recycled than paper, plastic, aluminum, and glass combined.

Steel can be recycled again and again without ever losing its strength and durability. That’s why VersaTube buildings are capable of withstanding whatever the weather throws at them—rain, wind, snow, or hail. Buildings made from high-quality American steel are impervious to fire, pests, cracking, and settling. Simply put, they last longer. While a traditional roof is made to last for less than 20 years, a steel roof can last more than 50.

Supporting the American worker

By using only American-made steel, VersaTube is doing our part to support the American workforce. That thinking goes all down our manufacturing process. From the steel we use to the products we produce, everything is made domestically right down to the smallest fastener or screw.

Supporting the US workforce is important on many levels. Not only does it make more jobs and reduce unemployment—more jobs mean more tax revenues. More tax revenues mean more firefighters, police officers, teachers, librarians, better roads and bridges, more parks, and too many other benefits to list.

The bottom line is that supporting American manufacturing helps the US economy all-around. VersaTube uses American-made steel because we want to support the US workforce while providing our customers with the more high quality product possible. You don’t achieve that by cutting corners and looking abroad—you do it right here at home.

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The Benefit of Using Slip-Fit Connections

When it comes to building any structure, it is important to reflect upon what methods and materials will best suit your needs. You should start out by asking yourself a number of questions. Will the building be permanent, or will it have to be expanded upon or relocated sometime in the future? Is it located someplace where it will undergo wide changes in temperature? What is my budget for materials? Should I make a traditional wooden building, or would a steel building be a better choice? How much time do I have to work on the project: a weekend, a week, or a month or so?

Depending on how you answer these and other questions, there are a number of solutions to your construction needs. One potentially beneficial option is to use pre-built steel building kits that offer slip-fit connections rather than using wood and nails or steel and screws. Slip-fit connections offer a number of advantages over nails:

Ease of Construction

With pre-engineered slip-fit connections, erecting your building is literally a snap. Slip-fit connections allow the building process to move forward quickly and with less effort than using nails or screws. Using this method, a building can easily be constructed by just two or three people over the course of just a few days.

Structural Integrity

Slip-fit connections will not work their way loose due over time. A number of things can cause this to occur when using nails or screws, such as expansion and contraction due to weather changes, wear and tear, or improper construction. Not only does the strength of slip-fit connections ensure that your building is safe, it also reduces the need for maintenance.

Reduced Material Waste

When using nails or screws, you run the risk of cracked beams and bent nails. When using a pre-engineered, slip-fit jointed building, you end up with virtually no waste, saving you money and time spent going back and forth to the hardware store for more supplies.

Easy Alteration

When you assemble a structure out of nails, it is somewhat permanent, and any changes you end up making down the road will require a great deal of tear-down and reconstruction. When you use slip-fit connections, altering your structure is simply a matter of separating the connections then making modifications.

When it comes right down to it, by using slip-fit connections you can save time, money, and effort, while reducing waste and making it easier to alter your structure in the future. Simply put—it will make your life easier.

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A Quick Guide to Purchasing a Steel Building

Whether you’re interested in erecting a shelter to protect a single vehicle, or require something more complex to house animals or store equipment, steel building kits deliver the versatility and durability to provide an unmatched level of utility and structural integrity. Not only are steel building kits useful in a wide-variety of capacities, but they also make for a great DIY project for a father and his kids, or a few buddies who feel like doing something with their hands.

Let’s take a look at why a steel building may be right for your project.

What is a Steel Building?

Steel buildings are extremely common, and you probably see them more often than you think. While they gained popularity in the early 1900’s due largely to their strength, modern steel buildings are entirely different from early versions. Today, the highly customizable quality of what are also known as pre-fabricated steel buildings are used to make a wide-variety of structures, such as shops, garages, carports, homes, agricultural and livestock storage, airplane hangars, and an extensive range of other industrial and commercial buildings. While older versions had a more bare-bones, rugged appearance, modern steel building packages can be made to have an exterior that looks like wood. The wooden façade offered by the steel buildings of today can look so natural that you might walk by one every single day without realizing it.

Pre-fabricated (also known as pre-engineered) steel buildings are in high demand for a number of reasons.

First of all, over the course of the last few decades advanced technology has allowed engineering teams to create highly customized building packages that are easy-to-construct yet durable enough to stand the test of time as well as the elements. These buildings can be specially designed to withstand high levels of snow or wind, and they are sturdy enough to safely offer clearspans of hundreds of feet on end.

Another factor that has continually made steel buildings a popular choice among both amateur and professional builders alike involves the greatly reduced cost and construction time when compared to wooden buildings. Thanks to the fact that materials are pre-fabricated in the plant to fit a customized design, there is little to no waste, leading to cost reductions a high as 60%. These building packages are carefully designed for easy-of-construction, as modern truss-joint technology makes assembling a steel building easy as a snap, literally.

Truss and slip-fit joints provide another benefit. Not only are they simply to assemble, they also make it so that buildings can be altered and extended with ease should the need ever arise. Simply remove the exterior sheet metal and slip on as much length as necessary. The whole process is easy, and it allows you to adjust the size of your building without posing a risk to its structural integrity.

Thanks to the low cost, strength, customizability, ease of construction, and near-complete lack of need for maintenance, it is no wonder that steel buildings enjoy their current renown throughout the building community.

Benefits of Steel Buildings

  • Low cost

Pre-fabrication provides savings of up to 60%

  • Easy to build

Slip-fit joints and carefully engineered designs make construction a snap.

  • Entirely customizable

Width, length, height, door and window size and placement can all be tailored to your needs.

  • Unbeatable resilience

Never worry about termites or other pests, mold, fungi, swelling or shrinking, harsh weather conditions, fire, or that your building will lose its structural integrity over time.

  • Virtually no maintenance required

Steel won’t warp or crack, and your building won’t need to be painted for at least 25 to 40 years.

  • Environmentally green

Steel is in vast abundance and does not lead to forest reduction. It is also the most recycled material on the planet. Additionally, steel does not emit toxic fumes and doesn’t require treatment by harsh chemicals.

  • High insulation value

Unlike wood, steel will not expand or contract depending on the weather, which prevents air leakage and increases insulation values.

  • Easily modified

The frame and slip-fit designs allows for easy structural modification.

  • Carports

Carports are one of the most common steel structures. They are easily customized to suit the builder’s needs, allowing for single, double, or triple parking spaces, garage doors, pedestrian doors, no walls, 3-sides, or full enclosure.

Classic carports are the most popular style.

There is also the suburban style, which is designed with an A-frame, eves, and roof panels to match your home.

For builders who are looking for a more heavy-duty option, there is the grand carport, which is designed to hold up against heavy rain and snow.

  • Garages

Garages can be engineered to meet local snow and wind load requirements, and they can be highly customized to have pedestrian or garage doors, gables, and more. They can also be sheeted with a standard steel siding, or alternatives such as vinyl, brick, wood, or stucco.

The summit garage features vertical sheet metal panels on the roof and sides.

The frontier garage features vertical sheet metal panels on the roof and horizontal panels on the sides.

  • Buildings

Like the garages and carports, buildings can be highly customized in features and appearance.

Frontier buildings feature vertical roof panels and horizontal side panels.

Summit buildings offer vertical panels on both the sides and roof.

  • Barns and Loafing Sheds

Our steel barns are the strongest animal housing options available. They provide a raised center aisle to ensure an outstanding level of comfort and protection for your animals. They are also highly customizable, offering accessories such as stalls, sliding doors, Dutch doors, vent doors, ridge vents, and a variety of other features.

Loafing sheds provide a low-cost, easy-to-build three-sided shelter for animals, hay, feed, firewood, garbage cans, tools and equipment, and small vehicles.

What to Consider When Buying a Steel Building

It is important to consider a number of factors when buying a steel building in order to make the entire construction process as efficient as possible, and to ensure that you come out with finished structure that will suit all of your needs.

  • Costs

Having an understanding of all the costs associated with purchasing and erecting a steel building is important when it comes to understanding the scope of your projects. It is a good idea to take the time to figure out expenditures such as permits, dirt work, concrete, insulation, and the actual kit itself.

  • Time

It takes time to pre-fabricate a steel building kit, then to actually erect it. It is important to consider when you need your building to be finished, and to take into account the fabrication and construction times. Many companies can take from 8 to 12 weeks or even more to design, fabricate, then deliver a kit. At VersaTube, we generally take between 3 and 4 weeks from when an order is placed to deliver.

While the time it takes to manufacture and deliver the steel building kit is one issue that is important when it comes to considering your time-frame, you also need to have a rough estimation of how long it will take you to assemble it. Will you only have time to work on it during the weekend? Will you be able to complete it before weather factors such as rain and snow impede your progress or even make it impossible? Do the people helping you have other obligations that might eat into the time they can spend on the project?

  • Experience level

Before ordering a steel building kit, ask yourself how experienced you are at working with various building projects so you can get an idea of how much help you’ll need and whether or not a project is beyond the scope of your abilities. Do you have a pretty good working knowledge of tools but not much of a background in building? Or are you a seasoned contractor who can handle what-may-come? Or maybe you don’t have the time or know-how to build it at all, and you’d be better off hiring a contractor? It is important to recognize the extent of your capabilities before getting yourself into a project that is beyond your experience.

And if you don’t have much experience, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t erect a steel building. Sometimes diving in and going for it is the best way to learn. Just consider your abilities vs. the size of your project so that you don’t end up in over your head.

  • Building function

Ask yourself carefully what exactly you will need out of your building before ordering a kit. What size does it need to be, and will you ever want to expand upon it? Where, how many, and what size doors and windows do you need? Will you need insulation and heating? How pitched should the roof be in order to deal with rain and snow? Do you need a second floor or other space for storage or living?

Taking questions of functionality into account before ordering your kit can help you avoid ending up with a final product that doesn’t suit your needs. Of course, one of the many benefits of a steel building kit is that it is so easy to alter and expand upon.

Still, save yourself the trouble ahead of time.

  • Aesthetics

How do you want your building to look? While the lowest-priced kits include basic sheet metal roofing and siding, you may want to have a painted roof, or a façade of brick, wood, or stucco.

Many people also find that a Wainscot accentuates the look of their steel building. A Wainscot is a paneling that extends around the base of the structure and is oftentimes painted to match the building’s trim.

Another consideration is roof pitch. A flatter pitch of 1:12 is more common with commercial style buildings, while a steeper pitch of 4:12 is more residential in nature.

  • Engineering

It is important to make sure that your building will meet your local snow and wind load requirements by contacting the building code department. Depending on where you live, it is important to buy a kit that will stand up against the weather. VersaTube uses a sturdier rectangular framing as opposed to the square framing offered by most companies. We also use a smooth mandrel bending process to create our side-posts, which provides better wind and snow tolerance than the compression or crush bend used by most other companies.

  • Warranty

Your steel building is an investment that you want to last, so it’s important that it comes with a structural warranty. While many companies provide no warranty at all without the purchase of an unnecessary upgrade, VersaTube provides a standard 20 year warranty on all framing along with 25 on all panels.

To sum it all up, not only does a pre-fabricated steel building kit offer an array of benefits beyond those present by wood, it also makes for a great DIY project for you and the family or a few friends. It’s like an Erector Set for grown-ups, only with more utility.

If you could use a steel building on your property, order one today, and you’ll be snapping your new structure together in no time.

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