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What are Engineered Drawings?

08/27/2016 · EN006

The VersaTube framing system and structures are engineered and configured to address local area ground snow and wind load requirements.  General engineering drawings and information are available from VersaTube for use with permitting when necessary.

If certified “wet” stamped engineering calculations and/or drawings are required by your county, please contact VersaTube directly at [email protected] or (800) 900-7222 Option 1. If you purchased your structure from a VersaTube dealer, contact the dealer to request your engineering package.  The cost of a licensed engineer’s “wet” stamp varies depending on the structure specifics, complexity, and state location.

Consult your local building permit department for local loading requirements. In most cases, a VersaTube structure can be customized to accommodate higher snow loads (reduced on center spacing, truss bracing, etc.) and anchoring can be increased to address higher wind load levels.

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