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What is Truss Bracing?

08/27/2016 · HT009

Truss braces are installed in a structure to hold the trusses in place.  This prevents the structure from buckling under the pressure of high winds and heavy snowfall.  


The design of truss braces is determined by the size of the structure and the local building codes.  Some structures require no truss bracing at all.  Often, a structure that is less than 12 feet wide may not require truss bracing.   If your structure is more than 12 feet wide it could likely have a truss brace application in the engineered drawings.


Truss braces need to be installed only on the inside truss sections, not on the first or the last truss. The use of truss braces reduces the potential interior ground-to-peak clearance and must be considered for vehicles and equipment requiring additional headroom.

The VersaTube Building System uses 9 different truss brace configurations to ensure structural integrity and local building code requirements are always met.

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