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Snow Load

08/27/2016 · EN003

VersaTube structures are pre-engineered to meet a number of very specific requirements.  One of those requirements is the snow load.  The term snow load refers to the downward force on a structure’s roof by the weight of accumulated snow and ice. 


If the weight of the actual snow load exceeds the weight a structure was designed to support, the roof or even the entire structure can fail.


Local area building codes provide guidance for determining the size of a snow load based on geographic location and the type of structure being built.  For example, in colder areas a peak snow load is the result of accumulation over the course of a winter season.  In warmer areas, snow may only become a factor in the higher elevations. 


All counties may require a minimum 20 lb. live load for roofs, even if there is no snowfall in your area.


Roof slope, roof sheeting materials, and exposure to wind all impact the amount of snow that may be present on a roof over the course of a winter season.  The building code is customized for each of these factors in any given area.

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