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Wind and Snow Load

08/27/2016 · HT005

VersaTube Building System structures are engineered and configured to meet local area ground snow and wind load requirements. Ground snow PSF (pounds per square foot) and wind velocity & exposure level (MPH @ B or C exposure) help determine the appropriate size and configuration of a VersaTube building package.  


If you live in a high snow or wind load area, then your structure may have some, or all, of the following:


  • •  more substantial interior truss bracing
  • •  added knee braces
  • •  closer on-center truss spacing
  • •  base post reinforcements
  • •  additional anchoring points
  • •  thicker and additional sheet metal
  • •  vertically applied roof panels


NOTE:  All counties may require a minimum 20 lb. live load for roofs, even if there is no snowfall in your area.


Always consult with your local building department to ensure your structure will meet the wind / snow load requirements for your area.  Easily locate the building department in your area by searching online with your zip code + "building department phone number".


Occasionally, the wind and snow requirements are too fluctuant for Our "Design-Your-Own" Tool to precisely calculate the engineering of a structure. This can occur in areas that have extreme variations in elevation.  There are two quick solutions:


Price Estimation: If you receive a pop-up that says "We have incomplete snow/wind data for your zip code" (this will only appear after you enter your zip code into Step 1 and you are building the structure in one of these areas).  Choose the "Proceed with estimated values" option located below "Contact Us". You can then design your structure with engineering and price estimations.  


Ordering: In Step 1 (Engineering Zip Code) choose "Enter Wind/Snow Information Manually". Enter the most up-to-date wind and snow load requirements which you can get by calling your local building code authority.


Click the link below to learn more about the wind / snow loads for your area:

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