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Damaged Parts

08/27/2016 · PO005

VersaTube Building Systems are carefully packed on a large pallet and securely bound to prevent damage during transit.  However, we understand that accidents can happen and we’re ready to help.  


Should a part arrive damaged, just follow the steps below.  This will help us to replace the damaged part  as quickly as possible.  


  •  In the Care Package email we sent to you earlier is a Missing / Damaged parts form.
  •  Take a picture of the damage and submit it with the completed form.
  •  Our Customer Experience team will immediately take action to send a replacement.


IMPORTANT:  If visible or suspected damage to the packaging or pallet is apparent upon delivery, you must mark “Damaged” or “Subject to concealed or hidden damages” on the bill of lading at the time of receiving the shipment.  


If you question packaging upon arrival, please contact your VersaTube sales engineer for further instructions prior to rejecting the shipment.  In the event a written damage claim has not been noted on the bill of lading at the time of delivery, VersaTube Building Systems can not be held responsible for freight or material cost associated with the replacement of the damaged component(s).


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