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Building Codes

08/27/2016 · EN001

The International Building Code (IBC) was developed to regulate the minimum standards of a structure.  These standards may include, but are not limited to:

  •         •  structure height and building location
  •         •  interior finishes
  •         •  foundation, wall, and roof construction
  •         •  the materials used in construction

VersaTube structures are required to pass either the IBC or a locally amended version (State, County, City, building code etc) which still utilizes the ASCE standards (Minimum Design Loads for Buildings and Structures published by the American Society of Civil Engineers).


Building codes vary widely and are updated frequently.  VersaTube strongly encourages the builder of the structure to check with their local building department to ensure the structure will pass their local area building code requirements.


If you need help locating your local building department, Google the building site zip code and the words  “local building department phone number”.


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